Is Keppie available in different sizes?
Yes. You can find the corresponding size (head circumference) in the description of each product. I strive to offer a product that fits well on different sizes of heads. Because not all heads have the same shape, it is possible that a Keppie does not fit properly despite the correct outline selection. In that case, please contact me so that we can exchange your Keppie for another size.


If my Keppie does not fit properly, can I return it?
Yes, that's possible. It is my goal that you have a good fitting nightcap. Each article has the corresponding head circumference size indicated so that you can order a suitable Keppie for your head. If, while trying your Keppie you find out that this is not the case, I would like to hear from you. Click Here for more information about returning orders.


Is Keppie also suitable for summer?
During the summer months, the temperature drops at night. Not as low as in the winter months, but for someone who suffers from a temperature sensitive scalp, a Keppie is also suitable in the summer months. The fleece that Keppie is made of falls into the microfleece category, also known as summer fleece. It is a much thinner fabric than regular fleece fabric.


Isn't fleece a sweltering fabric?
There are many types of fleece and there is a lot of difference in quality between those types. The fleece that Keppie is made of is a high-quality knit that has been specially developed for survival sportswear. It has a large air permeability which ensures maximum perspiration removal, so that the nightcap breathes.


I have placed and paid for my order. When will I receive my Keppie?
I aim to ship your order the same day on business days, if ordered before 2 pm. In the Netherlands, delivery usually takes  a day. For orders shipped to other countries it takes more time depending on the location.

Do you have another question? Mail this to info@keppie.nl or call 0031-186-700223

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