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After I got diagnosed with acute leukemia in late September 2009 and I went through my first chemo session, my hair started falling out. The first time I found a hair in my soup, I was done with it and decided to let my mother and my boyfriend shave my head.

The impact of hair loss

There are two sides to the impact of hair loss. I was 29 years old and had long blonde hair over my shoulders and within fifteen minutes I looked like some sort of hooligan. But next to looks there is also a physical change. The hair on your head holds a lot of natural heat and protects your skin. That only becomes clear when you're suddenly bald.


The challenge of staying warm

The illness and treatment, which makes your skin more sensitive and causes your bodies thermometer to not work properly. It was a though challenge for me to find a cap that wasn't either too hot or too cold and that comfortably covered my head well. There were a lot of hats that fit this description at daytime, but when it came to nighttime, when you're lying still and your head is in constant contact with your pillow, there almost weren't any that fit all of these attributes.

Making the hat I missed myself

After all my treatments, during my recovery, I had a growing urge to help others that were going through the same troubles as I did. So I decided to take on the problem that troubled me the most, Getting a good nightcap that granted me warmth, comfort and covered my head well.

Love, Annemieke

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