Product description 


Keppie is a nightcap for people that are experiencing (temporary) hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia and are looking for a soft and comfortable way to keep their natural heat and protect their sensitive scalp.


The model fits the head well and also covers the ears. This makes for a nightcap that stays on, isolates heat well and makes sure there is no pressure on the ear when you lay on your side. There are no rough seams on the parts where your head touches the pillow to make sure the nightcap doesn't irritate your scalp at night. The seams that are there are really thin and are sown in such a way that they are flat.


Keppie is made from a microfleece fabric that is specially made for survival sportswear. The properties of the fabric are: heat retaining, extremely breathable (not muggy), super soft and high quality so it stays good looking.


Keppie is available for women and men in 3 sizes and in 4 sizes for children. Because not all heads are the same it might be that a Keppie doesn’t fit well even when you select the right size. In that case please contact me so I can exchange your Keppie for a better fitting one.

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